Console Commands
Access the console by pressing ` and then enter the following:
Cheat Effect
bot_kill Kills all bots allowing you to win if the bomb is not planted
restart to restart the map without losing any goals
cl_levellocks 16382 Bring down the All Deleted Scenes
sv_cheats 1 Enables cheats
god Invincibility
noclip go through walls
notarget enemies do not see you
bot_zombie 1 make them just stand there
bot_pistols_only the bots will only buy pistols
kick kick the bots
bot_sniper_only bots only buy snipers
bot_goto_mark #number make the bot go to specific places
bot_difficulty set the bot´s difficulty level
bot_knives_only 1 Bots only use knives
Fly enables you to fly
sv_gravity # Replace “#” with a number and change the gravity. Deaf. is 800.
mp_c4timer # Replace “3″ with a number to change the C4 timer. Deaf. is 45.
mp_friendlyfire # Replace “#” with 1 or 0 to change Friendly Fire. 1=On 0=Off.
mp_startmoney # Replace “#” with a number to change the starting money. Deaf is 800.
career_end_round Ends the round, and you lose.
career_restart Restarts your the round.
bot_zombie # Replace “#” with 1 or 0 to make the bots stay still or move. 1=Moving 0=Non-Moving.
bot_difficulty Set the BOTS difficulties.
bot_knives_only 1# Replace “#” with 1 or 0 to make the bots only use knvies. 1=Only Knives 0=Not just knives. Deaf is 0.
v Instant Max Money
mp_freeztime Freezes time for the set ammount, the player can still walk around.
sv_gravity sets the gravity, lower #’s mean you can float alont, high numbers mean you take more damage for falling.
bot_stop 1 Makes the bot’s stand still.
bot_allow_rogues 0 Dissables rogue bots, they will all follow your commands.
bot_defer_to_human 0 The bots will not wait for you to rescue hostages, plant or defuse the bomb.
mp_startmoney 16000 Gives you the highest ammount of money you can have.
jointeam 6 ; jointeam 1 Revive as a Terrorist
jointeam 6 ; jointeam 2 Revive as a Counter-Terrorist
Spawn indicated items
To do this,go into a level and press the ` button.Type in sv_cheats 1 to enable the cheats first,then type in give weapon_ Here is the list of them (NOTE:This works only for the deleted scenes) PS:These are not all of the codes,u can type in the hegrenade in short forms, and any other items u want that is in the game.
Cheat Effect
weapon_ak47 spawns the name
weapon_aug spawns the name
weapon_awp spawns the name
weapon_deagle spa
wns the name
weapon_famas spawns the name
weapon_fiveseven spawns the name
weapon_g3sg1 spawns the name
weapon_glock18 spawns the name
weapon_m3 spawns the name
weapon_m4a1 spawns the name
weapon_mac10 spawns the name
weapon_mp5navy spawns the name
weapon_p228 spawns the name
weapon_p90 spawns the name
weapon_scout spawns the name
weapon_sg550 spawns the name
weapon_sg552 spawns the name
weapon_tmp spawns the name
weapon_ump45 spawns the name
weapon_usp spawns the name
weapon_xm1014 spawns the name
Cheat Summary:

During gameplay, press ~ to drop the console menu. Type sv_cheats 1 and restart. Then enter the following cheats in the console:

  • God Mode: god
  • Fly Mode: fly
  • No Clipping: noclip
  • Invisible to Enemies: notarget
  • Get Weapons: impulse 101
  • Spawn Item: give
  • Map List: maps *
  • Kill Bots: bot_kill
  • Restart Map: restart
  • Change Map: changelevel
  • Restart Round: sv_restartround 1

Cheat: Gravity and Time

  • Adjust Gravity: sv_gravity (#)
  • Freeze Time: mp_freeztime (#)

Cheat: Items
Use with the “give” code:

  • weapon_ak47
  • weapon_aug
  • weapon_awp
  • weapon_deagle
  • weapon_elite
  • weapon_famas
  • weapon_fiveseven
  • weapon_g3sg1
  • weapon_glock18
  • weapon_m3
  • weapon_m4a1
  • weapon_mac10
  • weapon_mp5navy
  • weapon_p228
  • weapon_p90
  • weapon_scout
  • weapon_sg550
  • weapon_sg552
  • weapon_tmp
  • weapon_ump45
  • weapon_usp
  • weapon_xm1014

Cheat Activation
To make the cheat mode active, you need to edit the shortcut to the game’s executable. For example, “C:\Program Files\Vivendi\CSCZ\czero.exe” you add a -dev to the end of the shortcut’s target line (use properties to access that window) so the line will appear as “C:\Program Files\Vivendi\CSCZ\czero.exe” -dev.
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